Ex0 Science

Ex0-SyS has a scientific research department from which the technologies that we use in our software comes from.
This department is currently mainly devoted to mathematical and algorithmic research. We offer free online tools for educational purposes.



  • Algorithmically live generation and checking of prime numbers up to 256 digits for free.


  • Solve integers from irrational numbers such as Pi, Phi and the Cubit number.

For access to the calculator, feel free to send a request to more(at)ex0-sys.com

Where To Find Us

CP 99
Coppet – Vaud

Contact info

IDE : CHE-446.943.138
DUNS : 480392700
Phone : +41 79 334 30 62
Fax : +41 22 960 53 44
Email : more(at)ex0-sys.com

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